Cari Din PhD

Master Coach Developer, Leadership Expert

Cari is a 1996 Olympic silver medallist in artistic swimming and was supported by the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta as an athlete. Cari coached in her home sport for many years while simultaneously completing her master’s degree in motor learning – teaching games for understanding. Cari went on to complete her PhD with her research specifically looking at coach and athlete leadership preceding Olympic medal-winning performances.

Cari knows the power a coach can have, and she believes that every athlete deserves an excellent coach who is steeped in the best knowledge and practice available. Cari uses her experience and education to promote and create highly impactful relationships between coaches and athletes. She has worked with the Canadian Sports Institute Calgary staff, integrated support team members and coaches to enhance their behaviors and, ultimately, improve athletes’ results. Cari has also spent time facilitating workshops focusing on women’s leadership and development.

Cari’s innate drive and determination to succeed both in and out of sport has allowed her to make significant impacts in high-performance sport at every level. She has also won five higher education teaching awards in a five-year window.

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