attract. develop. retain. 

advanced coaching diploma

we design learning opportunities that enable coaches to comprehensively develop their athlete’s full potential.

continued education

We offer a number of professional development opportunities for coaches, clubs and sport science professionals. Contact us to discuss the possibility for customized education that will answer your needs.

Our coach education in the news
November 08, 2018

Aspiring Coaches raise their game

No matter where a coach is along in their career,…
November 15, 2017

Open Season for ACD

November 15, 2017

Open Season for ACD

April 04, 2017

Coaching and the desire to learn

In a country as vast as Canada, it can be…
May 25, 2016

Advanced Coaching Diploma Delivers Quality Learning

Everyone knows that athletes work hard to improve, to achieve…
May 17, 2016

Coaching the Coaches

For Luc Tremblay, a Montreal-based strength and conditioning coach who…
January 26, 2016

Coach Driven and Expert Led: Advanced Coaching Diploma

Behind every athletic performance is a dedicated, well-trained coach. A…

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