Kim Richardson MScPT, MSc, BSc


Kim is so passionate about physiotherapy, health has been a part of her life since she was young. Between playing sports and her family's special interest in nutrition, she gained a snippet view of the wide world of health. Kim was competitive in extracurriculars like gymnastics, basketball, tennis, and track and field. These hours of dedication have defined her youth, and continued past her last eligible year of track and field in university.

After athletics, this passion and dedication remained, especially for the purpose of helping others be able to participate physically too. With that much competition comes your share of injuries, and it is now Kim’s professional mission to help reduce time lost from play, sport, work, and regular life activities, and work to develop potential.

In her first 6 years in physiotherapy practice, Kim has experience in pain relief, return to activity, work and performance, recovery from surgery, car accidents and broken bones, and relief of vertigo and concussion symptoms. These experiences and interests have further impassioned her to embark on the efforts of injury prevention. Though she feels privileged to be a part of your health care team, Kim hopes to give you the tools to improve your confidence in managing your own body and reducing your injury risk.

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