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Medical rounds are usually performed in the hospital by a team of doctors, residents and medical students dressed in white coats, and serve to educate and collaborate on patient care and treatment. On November 29, the CSI Calgary, in partnership with the Hearing Loss Clinic (HLC), hosted the first monthly High Performance Sport Medicine Rounds.


Featuring a three-course meal from celebrity Top Chef Chris Shaften, the lunchtime presentation by the HLC’s Dr. Whitney Reaman and Megan Kee to CSI Calgary medical and para-medical staff focused on sport-related auditory and vestibular disorders and the role of audiologists in their diagnosis and management.

Dr. Brian Benson, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Sport Medicine at the CSI Calgary and Medical Director at the Benson Concussion Institute (BCI), says that the new series is all about ongoing professional development.

“Events such as this play a pivotal role in bringing our high-performance, multi-disciplinary team together at CSI Calgary to enrich our current knowledge and understanding of various cutting-edge sport medicine topic areas,” says Benson. He adds, “This can be directly applied to our Olympic, National, and National Development stream athletes to help them realize podium performances on the world stage.”

The HLC didn't just deliver the workshop however, it’s part of a broader partnership between the CSI Calgary, BCI and HLC. In addition to hosting this event, HLC has made a significant contribution to BCI in support of its mission to bring innovative sport concussion assessment and management strategies to the high-performance sporting community utilizing evidence-based, research-driven practices.

BCI’s research involves the use of robotic technology and exercise stress testing to objectively assess post-concussion neurologic impairment through recovery and return to sport.

Travis Rhodes, Managing Partner at HLC, says that partnering with BCI is a natural fit, given their common goals centered around industry leading, cutting-edge technology with a steadfast dedication and passionate commitment to serve, change and improve the lives of as many people as possible. As leaders in the field of hearing loss, HLC appreciates the significance of the BCI to concussion research and treatment.

“BCI is built on the culmination of years of brilliant and impressive ground-breaking research by Dr. Benson and his team to address the ever-growing concern of identifying concussions and ensuring the appropriate diagnosis and treatment,” says Rhodes. “We are honoured to be a part of a winning team devoted to continuing excellence.”

Through a collaborative and supportive approach to professional development and scientific research with partners like HLC and BCI, the CSI Calgary is able to continue leading the way in Canadian sport.

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Written by Kristina Groves: @kngrover
Photo by: Dave Holland @csicalgaryphoto



*BCI and CSI Calgary would like to sincerely thank the Hearing Loss Clinic and Mr. Scott Reeves for their financial contribution to BCI and support for high performance services related to injury prevention, medical treatments, mental health and training requirements

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